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The Do’s and Don’ts of Reputation Management

Often our clients want to know what they can do themselves to improve their online reputation, but without experience it is easy to make well-intentioned mistakes that can send your reputation spiraling out of control. Here are a few easy to follow rules that can help your reputation, and save you some messy cleanup later.

DO Post positive content Posting positive content about yourself or your company as articles, pr releases, or on your blog can increase the chances of Google and other search engines using them on the first page of results, improving your image. Be sure to optimize the content for keywords you’re having problems with to have the most impact.
DON’T Respond to negative reviews Responding to negative reviews makes the review seem more popular to search engines, promoting it higher in their results. Also, giving your side of the story can unfortunately seem disingenuous to many potential customers, and can even incite more complaints.
DO Encourage your happy customers to post reviews

Genuine positive reviews from customers can do wonders for your online reputation. Giving incentives for honest reviews (such as discounts) can be a great way to find out what your customers think, as well as enabling you to deal with potential issues quickly, and boosting your reputation.

Be careful where you ask them to post reviews, however.

DON’T Post fake reviews

Whether you’re doing it yourself, or have hired a company to do so, posting fake reviews is an overall bad idea. These reviews are often easily spotted, and create a bad impression of your company and what you might be ‘hiding’.

Also, some sites penalize sudden spikes in reviews for just this reason, and so, in the case of Yelp for instance, may place them on their ‘Not Recommended’ page which does not affect your rating.

DO Create a social media presence

Signing up for social media (SM) can increase your online presence, making it harder for other links to show up for your name. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others have the power to get associated names to the top of search engine results.

Active SM accounts are great ways to interact with your customer base in a positive way by posting content that is fun, interesting, or useful to them, as well as keeping them up-to-date about your business.

DON’T Ignore your active social media accounts

Letting your SM accounts fall into disuse can have a negative effect on your reputation. You not only lose the power to actively help your reputation, but if your community is active you can also get a lot of disgruntled customers feeling ignored or unheard.

Customers will sometimes use SM to contact you about issues or questions they have if they cannot reach you through other means, so it is important not to let your accounts go unattended or you may end up with more problems than you sought to solve in the first place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your guarantee?
We can’t guarantee to delete every single negative review on the internet. Our guarantee is that we delete your negative reviews, or you don’t pay us. Before signing an agreement, we’ll outline the cost and time frame to remove your negative reviews.

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes. In some cases we’ll offer monthly payments to pay our fees, even if we’ve deleted the complaints within the first month.

Does it matter if the complaint is true or false?
Not necessarily, we understand mistakes happen. Just because a business has 20 complaints, doesn’t mean they don’t have thousands of customers who love them. However, we have turned down clients in the past if we believe they are scamming people.

Do you sue the posters of negative content?
We have used lawyers to help remove defamatory complaints in rare cases and help clients protect themselves against future posts, but this is not usually necessary. We’ll go over our plan of action when working together.

What about future complaints?
Our main service is focused on getting rid of the complaints you currently have but we also offer a Future Protection Plan to protect against future complaints. Our Future Protection Plan is like insurance. Companies pay us a monthly fee and we monitor and work towards removing negative content for free or a discounted rate.

If you’re in a business with a likelihood of receiving future complaints, this service can save you time and money.

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Removing complaints is great. How about showcasing our positive reviews?
We have a package to better display positive reviews about your company. We provide strategies and the tools to obtain real, positive reviews from your clients, partners, or suppliers and put them to the top of the search engine. We do not post fake reviews for you.

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Do you have any references from clients?
Due to the nature of our business, we do not publicly showcase our clients’ names. If you sign an NDA, however, we are more than happy to share success stories with you.

Which websites can you remove complaints from?
We have deleted or de-indexed complaints from,, and many other top review sites, newspaper websites, and blogs.

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